Monday, December 12, 2011

On Taking a Family Picture

When there is nothing very funny
Yet we find reason to snicker
If suddenly there seems to be
A sudden need to bicker
When insults freshly polished
Are muttered, hissed and hurled
As siblings are squeezed into
One square inch of the world
It must be family-picture-taking time

When father looks quite stern
And mother looks quite stressed
And we try to look quite proper
As we are quite primly dressed
When faces grow quite stiff
While smiles not quite freeze-dry
There really can only be
One valid reason why…
….family picture-taking-time

There are pinches, pokes and pushes
Then kicks and mother’s scolding
There are sighs and moans and groans
As our 'best smiles' we are holding
That turn out to be wasted
Because of an out-burst of laughter
Though we cannot remember
What was so funny after…
…family picture-taking time!

Okay, this is it,
Now every one POSE!
We all do our best…
One has their eyes closed!
One, two, three,
Let’s try again
‘a-w-w-w! I wasn’t ready
Sister’s being a pain!’
Oh, yes its family picture-taking-time

…so when father looks stern
And mother looks stressed
When we all try to look
Our very best
As we look at the camera
Smile and say ‘CHEESE!’
Tell me, this one is going to work
Its family-picture-taking-time!

Take 70!

Otherwise known as M-O-O-O-M!!!!

Yesterday I 'booked an appointment' with my family to be at home
so we can take a long over-due family picture...

p.s. I'm trying to pick one of the ump-teen photos to put into a card,
but one cannot edit eyes open,
or non-smiles into smiles or
add the rest of a person where it is cut off,
or un-cross eyes....the list goes on:)

My apologies to those of you who find photos hard to load...
This afternoon my internet is working but it is being very moody.


  1. Oh Yes ....Now I am really dreading ours.... kidding :)You guys look great!

  2. What great photos...... lovely to 'meet' your family!

  3. What a beautiful family, Janet. And your poem explained the process beautifully. Not easy to get that many people to smile.

  4. They look great! I love natural smiles anyways! :D

  5. Thank-you all so much for your kindness.

  6. So very cute and beautiful.

    That one cheese moment..hmm, precious :)


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