Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hollow Eyes

I cannot remember them individually
But collectively still they leap
From rain-drenched screens
Or sudden recollection
Dark and austere
Each rigid gaze
Pointing the dreamer with yellow braids
To the strait and narrow

Countenance is more powerful than speech
Those eyes staring, glaring
Judgment formed by visual discourse
Their peripheral blotted
By statutes of scribbled ink
And fear-riddled intonations
Dissuading wanderers and dreamers
From sure damnation

Look neither left nor right then
Fear clutches the seeker
As loveless eyes extol doom
Discounting grace for works
And blindness as an acceptable plight
If fortified by the law
While the chill of hollow stares
Numbs the soul


Do you see them?...all those faces in the picture.

This picture was posted on one of the prompt sites last week.
I saved it but was unable 'find' its voice or 'eyes' immediately,
yet I felt its tug, powerful and memsmerizing....


  1. Very eerie picture, really. You did well with it. I think in real life I have experienced the occasional 'hollow stare.' Disconcerting.

  2. It's crazy, isn't it, what a picture can do?

    I enjoy those prompts because one never knows where they may lead.


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