Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's Wish

I'm borrowing my comment to you, but it is my wish for everyone who visits here...

May this year bring
in place of sorrow, healing
In place of tears, laughter
In place of loneliness,
friends and more friends,
In place of despair, hope
In place of the unknown...
...still, the unknown
For how else can we trust?

God Bless you in 2012.

Janet Martin


  1. Janet, even your comments are poetry!

    There are angels among us. YOU are one of mine.

    God Bless you too in 2012!

  2. Mary, these thoughts are returned right back to you...thank-you.

  3. Great blessing. May they all be true for you as well. Happy New Year.

  4. Thank-you Mama Zen and vanyiek.

  5. No one could say it better... and God bless you as well! I don't know how you happened across my blog this summer, but I'm so thankful you did ~ you are such a dear friend! I've grown so much through reading your words... thank you for everything!

  6. Megan, the way I found you had to be a 'God thing':) At that point in my profile I had listed a bunch of favorite singers and I clicked, I think...Alison Kraus's name to see who some more Alison K. fans were. I scrolled through until I found...YOU! Praise God! You have encouraged me and inspired me in more ways than you can ever know!

    I wish you and your family a blessed 2012.
    Can't wait to see what lies in store.

  7. you have a wonderful ear for rhythm as shown here - and can play with it greatly! and your little poem at the end - a great way to approach the new year, happy new year to you!


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