Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Darkness of Winter

The dark of winter
Creeps over daylight hours
Warm surf is a dream

Darkness of winter
Settles on desolate fields
Thought is a hunter

I find strange comfort
As the darkness of winter
Lures me to firelight



  1. Yes, Janet, thank goodness for firelight which gives the cold of winter warmth for body and soul!

  2. Yes, I'm going there now...even if it is to watch hockey...there was a minor feud in the house tonight..females wanted to watch It's a Beautiful Life...males Hockey.

    Males are watching hockey; a Saturday night tradition which we had no chance to interfere with:((

    I told my girls we'll get the movie at the library and watch it some other night.

  3. We write about the darkness of winter. Here it's the darkness of summer....a big black cloud heralds a storm and I have to go out! Enjoy your firelight!

  4. There is an old Czech fairytale I read recently... Marusa and the Twelve Months... Marusa is sent out in the dead of winter to find violets, strawberries, and apples... and each time she finds her way to a circle of 12 men sitting around a fire, and they grant her requests because she's humble (her evil step-mother and step-sister go out seeking the apples and never return)... that story is what I envisioned when I read your poem :)

  5. keep dreaming warmth in darkness of winter.



  6. I love the comfort of firelight as well ... wishing I was sitting in front of a roaring fire now ... as I am cold from head to toe ... winter storm pushing through!! Nicelhy done!

  7. I like the lure of firelight. It helps to burn up winter's cold and replace it with warmth, not to mention toasted marshmallows.

  8. You guys are all so very kind. thank-you so much...and that being said, it is snowing and I am going to curl up at the fire with a good book~ Cheers.

  9. thought is a hunter... I like these words...
    We dont have winter here in Indonesia, but I was once in four seasons country and felt the winter... it recalls my memory of snow and minus degree... :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  10. Obviously winter in Canada is cold too!


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