Friday, December 16, 2011

Unwrapping Moments

She watches
Caught between the present
And the past
As her son’s awkward
Attempts at gift-wrapping
Bring laughter from us
And mumbling from him…
As he wraps
She unwraps
Stored sacredly
Where she can ponder them
In her heart
Moments being fashioned
Into memories
Even now
By hands
Caught somewhere between
A boy
And a man…


It’s a tender-sweet stage…13.
The other night I asked him what was so funny
And his instant reply was unexpected…
“mom, guy humor”
And he never did tell me!

The verse below has been one of my favorites, for as long as I can remember..
Our hearts, the place we store our most cherished thoughts.

But Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart. Luke 2:19


  1. Just beautiful. Kids bring so much joy at whatever age! (But the teens are just beginning. LOL.)

  2. yes...:)I'm seeing that just a little more each day, yet, I agree, there is beauty and joy in every age.

  3. Love how guys wrap gifts! I'm not so sure it's a skill that improves with age ;) It's hard to imagine my little guy as a teen, but as I look at his newborn photos, it's easy to see how quickly time passes... I love what you added below your poem! Guy humor... sure makes you wonder! The verse at the bottom I'd never heard, or never absorbed before... but it's so beautiful! Thank you for sharing :)

  4. Yes, guy gift-wrapping is a classic! The first thing that caught my attention was the continuous sound of long strands of scotch tape! I told him it is not necessary to bind the gift in tape. Next time I'll ask him if he would rather use duct tape;))

    Megan, that verse comes to me at certain times when I am tucking things into my heart to ponder...

  5. p.s oh, yes, that 'guy humor' bit made me laugh again when I saw the look on his face . It was like...'Mom, you would never get guy humor'. I wanted to say try me but he is entitled to his privacy..between you and me, I like to think he is still quite innocent...sigh.

  6. This is precious, Janet.Are they giving teir gift early? I love that verse too and always have I think we talked about it once??I should put it on my blog????hmmm?
    Mothers and pondering are synonymous aren't they?Time to get a lot done!!!Have a good day!


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