Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Beneath the Same, White Moon

Beneath the dark umbrella of night
Silence is amplified
As sound becomes the keener sight
And thought a swift-winged ride

Beneath its wide seamless canopy
As present and past entwine
Thoughts of you keep me company
And oh, your company is fine

Beneath the backdrop of the dawn
Life's imminent history
I wonder where the years have gone
And what is yet to be

Beneath the pining of the dark
As whispers ache and bleed
My thought ignites a sudden spark
And longing becomes need

Beneath the same, still, silent sky
Beneath the same white moon
I wonder where you are tonight
And will you be home soon…


I took the kids out for a final shopping trip last night..
It was special, fun.
The night was glorious and still after excitement was lulled to dreamland
and mother stood on the porch drinking in the night sky(and coffee)...
(there is a reason my blogs contain the word 'porch')
on its step I ponder, reflect, and for me thought bleeds in one medium...poetry;))
thus a short-lived resolve not to write for a while. If the break happens, it happens and if not then it was not meant to be


  1. Night sky, moon, star, always sparks some this one :)

    Reminded me of the song By Lady Antebellum: Dancing Away with my Heart.

  2. We really are kindred spirits, aren't we?:) I LOVE Lady Antebellum. They are the band I work out to right now, which, by the way is what I am going to do now. I think I will start with that song!

    See ya'. The plan is work-out then bake may do the math;)

    I guess you see my 'break' was short-lived. I can't help it.

  3. I awesomely love that band too.

    hahaha, yeah the break was short..but loved the thoughts that conjured in that break ;)

  4. self-inflicted breaks are over-rated;))


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