Monday, January 24, 2022


When we got our dumping of snow last week
I asked my daughter who lives in the city rather than the countryside
what her street looks like and she sent me a few pictures from her window...
her window has kept her bedroom/slash office
from feeling like a jail-cell during lockdowns!

So let's celebrate windows today!
A few days ago when I visited my husband's mother I admired her geraniums plants,
reminding me of children with eager faces pressed to the window! (no photo though!)
My mother-in-law, frail with age spends each day in her chair by the window
watching the birds and activity of farm-life...
birds are busy but farm-life is rather more relaxed/quiet this time of year.

Last month I took a few pictures of my friend's windows...

Something about the sparseness of this window and surroundings was so enchanting...
an old rocking chair and a lamp on the sill in a room of an apartment 
they were about to get ready for her son to move into...

I also enjoy a Facebook group called Out My Window...

Our front Livingroom window...

back Livingroom window...

Laundry-room window...(below)
By the way, let me know if you live close to me
if you would like an aloe-vera plant.
the momma-plants keep having babies!!😅

one of our Kitchen windows...

A window frames the seasons as they slip across the land
The morning ushered in by He who is first in command
Where beauty of the earth and sky rouses ageless delight
To keen and satisfy desire’s deepest appetite

A window is the gateway for sunlight to fill the room
To keep indoors from feeling like a dungeon or a tomb
Where city street or countryside unfurls before our gaze
Where sills invite a flowerpot or freshly picked bouquets altar where we pause to pray or sit to read a bit
A place to admire the way that birds twitter and flit
Where smudge and kiss of children's hands and faces warm the heart  
As mother smiles while others might be prone to miss the 'art'   

A window makes the poor man rich as thankfulness beholds
The landscape like a counterpane that Break of Day unfolds
As heavens overflow and frameworks that were black before
Are filled with pictures of the world outside our door once more

© Janet Martin

Where smudge and kiss of children's hands and faces warm the heart  
As mother (or gramma or childcare-giver) smiles 
while others might be prone to miss the 'art'   

(hard to believe that a month ago we had no snow!!)

Now when Daniel knew that the writing was signed, he went into his house; 
and his windows being open in his chamber toward Jerusalem, 
he kneeled upon his knees three times a day, 
and prayed, and gave thanks before his God, as he did aforetime.

I'm adding a few more photos taken a few hours after 
I first posted this...captured through the window
 while I chatted with my mother on the phone...

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