Wednesday, January 26, 2022

A-a-ah! Awe-Aura or Tribute to Twilight

When the eastern skyline looks like this at dusk
then I know something pretty spectacular is going on in the west!

I ran upstairs and sure enough...

so I dashed downstairs, grabbed a coat, 
jumped into boots and hurried behind the house...

and even in that mere minute 
some of Farewell's flare was beginning to fade...

(Yes! I'll take the teaser!
although I confess there are times I wish I could snap my fingers,
say abracadabra,
and make the buildings disappear for a little,
then snap them again and put them back😅)

Time’s aura of farewell 
fills up 
the stillness of the sky
an artist spills 
to hill and dell 
a pastel lullaby
the aftermath of day 
composes poetry 
yet without parchment page 
or merge of syllable 
and rhyme
on a canvas 
devoid of substance 
flaming strokes 
to awe onlookers 
with the gift
One More 

© Janet Martin

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