Monday, January 17, 2022


The changing views due to the changing hues of twilight helped me finish
this poem; one I doodled at here and there all day long...
The backdrop changed dramatically in a matter of 10-20 minutes!

I want to marvel every day at ways that never lose their wonder!

I want to marvel still where wonder’s thrill never grows old
To feel hope’s joy in dawn’s ahoy whether of gray or gold
To make the best of moments lest when life’s last drop is poured
I weep because for all that was, regret is my reward

From Mercy’s fount I want to count the goodness-es of God
And never taint with rude complaint and thanklessness, His laud
But recognize the precious prize each morning ushers in
Then, be renewed with gratitude for forgiveness of sin

I want to give this life I live love’s careful, prayerful thought
Not to lament with discontentment for what I have not
But to embrace each day of grace with holy diligence
And live without shadows of doubt to cloud love’s reverence

I want to work and not to shirk the duties of the day
But to behold God’s manifold beauties along life’s way
And know His love will grant enough to satisfy my soul
And not to fret and thus forget that He is in control

I want to sing and ever bring an offering of praise
To He who cups life’s downs and ups in Higher Thoughts and Ways
And thrill anew ‘neath heaven’s blue and rose-tinted ramparts
Constantly awed at the way God captures, enraptures hearts

I want to stand on twilight’s strand where shadows sprawl like piers
And feel toil’s rush yield to the hush as daylight disappears
And marvel still where wonder’s thrill never runs out of ways
To cheer, delight, enthrall, excite, inspire and amaze

© Janet Martin

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