Saturday, January 15, 2022

Mid-Winter Mid-Summer Stroll

Happy Halfway through January. Already?!!

This poem was first inspired by yesterday's sunshine 
pouring through the flowering maple
at the back door...

Let’s pretend it’s mid-July
Sprawl beneath the sun-stoked sky
Let’s pretend a butterfly
Flitting plume to plume
Let’s pretend a garden path
Warm with winter’s aftermath
Fringed with ardent autograph
Of sunflow’rs in bloom

Let’s pretend pink lemonade
Blankets tossed on pools of shade
Cricket and leaf serenade
Backyard getaway
Book and hammock luxury
Picnic basket poetry
Bare foot banter fancy-free
Winter f-a-a-r away

Let’s pretend end of a dock
Sunsets after nine o’ clock
Nose to nose with hollyhock
Hello, honey-bee
Let’s pretend bright greens and golds
Where the countryside unfolds
Hill and hollow wonder-wolds
Far as eye can see

Let’s pretend a summer stroll
On the beach where sea-songs roll
Over feet and through the soul
Weather forecast, hot
Let’s pretend its mid-July
Lounge beneath its sapphire sky
Kick off shoes and…b-r-r-r! oh my!
On second thought, let’s not!

© Janet Martin

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