Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Life's Crown Jewel

This poem-title was a bit difficult to settle on;
Love's Workday-Wow
Carousel of Great Escape
The Way of Day-to-Day
Precious Commonplace
Crown Jewel of the Precious Commonplace
and Life's Crown Jewel
Is that the sign of a mediocre poem/poet?😅
Not sure, but the topic and heart of this poem is anything but!
It is written to remind us to love well and cherish dearly
 our loved ones today, right here, right now!

Yesterday, a family in this community lost a 20 yr. old son in a tragic accident.
In 2018 they lost a 24. yr. old son in another horrific accident.
Our hearts break for this family's loss and constant sorrow...

As a mother of adult children I am still dumbfounded by how fast those
sometimes seemingly tedious years flew by!
As a gramma I am seeing time accelerates
rather than slows, 
so to all of us wherever in love's lessons we are;

This was supper a year ago...

no matter how hard I look at the picture I can't taste it!
We can only taste what is on offer today.

The way of day-to-day unfurls the rise and fall of years
A carousel of seasons twirls around and disappears
As moments slip through our embrace like jewels from a trove
That would quite oft feel commonplace but for one treasure; love

This life we live, of ups and downs, without love would be drear
A narrative of smiles and frowns devoid of joy or cheer
But with sweet love, the Here and Now, though heaped with much to learn
Surprises us; love’s workday-wow finds God at every turn

Dear mother, in the thick of training up a little child
Time cuts its target to the quick; where wick of youth burns wild
Then do not wish to haste the rise and fall of shadows cast
But cherish well the darling prize that flies from arms too fast

God, help us see beyond the cape and shape of task and such
A Carousel of Great Escape whirls beneath common touch
Then help us rediscover love ere seasons slip away
To startle us with echoes of little children at play

…where Way of Day-to-Day unfurls a world of yesteryears
Where little boy’s and little girl’s sweet childhood disappears
As moments slip through our embrace like jewels from a trove
Making precious, the commonplace with life's crown jewel; love

© Janet Martin

The reason I use the verse below repeatedly
is because it bears repeating!
(we are such a forgetful breed)

This is the day the Lord has made.
We will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24

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