Monday, May 10, 2021

Thank God For Happiness-es


One of my 'brood' asked me yesterday if I feel like a happy
Mother Hen when all my chicks are home and I clucked 'yes!'💕💕

The way a heart can overflow with joy only love brings...

No sunset to astonish and draw us to reverent stare...

No stem with floral-garnished, manifolded petal-flare...

or hanging out with tot to find what money cannot buy...

For feather-flurried tweet-tweet-tweet...

Thank God for happiness-es that never lose their appeal
The way creation’s beauty spills each season’s slow reveal
The way the day begins, as darkness thins and heavens free
The quiver of a river that expands into a sea

The way a heart can overflow with joy only love brings
And thrill with rediscovery of wealth in simple things
Like, how a smile lights up a room in a world full of hurt
Like, how a garden makes us feel at home in wholesome dirt

Thank God for thrills that spill profusely from a fount of grace
Imagine if we had to earn each blessing we embrace
How weary we would soon become, how empty arms would be
If all we had was man’s minimal ingenuity

No sunset to astonish and draw us to reverent stare
No stem with floral garnished, manifolded petal-flare
No mercy, new each morning as dawn bathes the misty lea
Only laws without love and judgment without sympathy

Thank God for pretty pleasures like a stroll along a brook
The luxury of cuppa tea and company of book
Or hanging out with tot, to find what money cannot buy
Unbridled happiness in hideouts not even knee high

For feather-flurried tweet-tweet-tweet, gold, scarlet, blue and gray
Where He who tends them said we are of more value than they
Therefore, we should not worry, for He who feeds little birds
Knows our needs and will look after all who trust His words

Thank God for countless reasons to bow down and worship Him
And lift up hearts in grateful praise where happiness-es brim
In hymns from nature’s orchestra, in hymns from heart and soul
Where through the blood of Jesus Christ our faith has made us whole

Thank God for His kind goodness; for the Shepherd’s rod and staff
Where in a world of sorrow we are still able to laugh
Where in a world of trouble Hope anchors all who believe
And thrills us with happiness-es only God can achieve

© Janet Martin

Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; 
give thanks to him and praise his name.
Psalm 100:4

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