Tuesday, May 25, 2021

May Medley

Today's somewhat tardy poem muddled its way through
a myriad of chores, errands and such...
(such as just now, chasing washed winter coats that blew off the line
 in this wildly windy, dusty, hot afternoon!
We really need rain!

An early morning
grocery-greenhouse run left me still looking for a few things 
I was unable to get on round one...
Muffins over-baked

 midst food-prep;
Greek salad fixings and veggies for quickie-lunches-to-go

...midst putting supper in the crockpot 

...midst phone calls
trying to find a greenhouse not sold out of stevia!
I found one 😊

The coral dahlia below winked at me in one greenhouse (easing the disappointment) 
while I was told regretfully, they were sold out of stevia.

May is always a busy month but may we never lose focus on what truly matters
 midst the mayhem...

Take time to take pleasure in its quick offerings, like lilacs 

and Solomon's seal...

May we make our May day's count for more than numbers ticked off
on a calendar!

May we seek to count our blessings rather than complain or stare
At life’s holes that gape with questions that shape meekness into prayer

May we not miss The Big Picture, intent on what seems amiss
May we learn to trust the Teacher, knowing life is more than This

May we do what we are able through He who helps and equips
And keeps our footing stable in a hand that never slips

May we vow to make now matter as if God was plain to see
May we try to serve our Master with love and humility

May we sense amidst the muddle of struggle and suffering
Someone greater than the trouble that this world is sure to bring

May we bear each other’s burden rather than dodge Duty’s Call
May we learn to truly love the One who loves us above all

© Janet Martin

1 Cor.10:31
So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do,
do it all for the glory of God.

The song below echoes the message in Ann Voskamp's post today!
If you read this could you pray for Ann?!!
She has been through so much lately!

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