Monday, May 31, 2021

Never Too Old to Cherish...

After a long laundry-line full on Saturday I thought I had a head-start today!

Still lots for tomorrow plus whatever is hatching in hampers!

Whether it's never-ending laundry or other such chore
Soon time leaves us gaping at what is no more

no matter what stage we are in, it is a bubble about to pop!
So cherish💗

In the middle of the muddle
of whatever we are in
Whether kiss and cuddle baby
or a more teen-aged chagrin
Or, perhaps the nest we feathered
with a mother’s heart and soul
Is weathered, like a heart-shaped box
where echoes lilt and toll
Wherever, and whatever season
we are passing through
Pray that we cherish dearly
what will soon bid us adieu

Whether uphill puff and pedal,
whether downhill coast and glide
Soon dusk dons its gleaming medal,
Soon love sings here-comes-the-bride
Whether its chug-chug and puff-puff,
or run-run, like a gazelle
Live, laugh, love and pray, for today
always fades into farewell
Whether past time’s precious prime
or feeling like a super-star
Pray that we learn to cherish life
exactly where we are

© Janet Martin

(Inspired by a little conversation with my sister)


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