Friday, May 21, 2021

Be With Us, Lord...

This poem kind of composed itself as I prayed this morning,
So much suffering, as many personal situations as there are people!! 
and one true God on whom all may call.

Be with us Lord, for we all have a daily cross to bear
Be with the elderly; with those cared for and those who care
Be with the mother in her home with tots to test and try
The parts of hearts that need more than mere mortal can supply

Be with us Lord, the young striving to keep their passions pure
Convict and guide and chasten pride, the bait of satan’s lure
Be with the child who teaches us how to be mild and meek
Help us be swift to hear and slow to anger or to speak

Be with those who are suffering abed, and those bedside
Comfort the broken-hearted with hope only You provide
Be with the lonely, longing-tossed, the lost you came to save
Be with the needy poor and needy rich who crave and crave

Be with our loved ones far and near; let Your kind presence fill
The holes that gape with waiting and the hunger of 'until'
Be with us so that we may treat our fellowman with love
And meet impending circumstance with power You will prove

Be with the head of countries, corporations, churches, homes
Be with the barge who bears the charge of yet unwritten poems
Lord, lead, guide and direct, where we are often unaware
Of how you intercede, protect and keep us in Your care

Be with all who are quarantined; the healthy and the sick
Be with those blind to time and how it cuts souls to the quick
Help us to learn to lean upon Your grace, faithful and true
To find the perfect peace you grant to the mind stayed on You

Be with each one of us, instill the powerhouse of Thought
Help us to trust rather than understand what we cannot
As we embark from where we are, on miles still held at bay
Be with us Lord, and help us with the cross we bear today

In Your precious Name we pray,

© Janet Martin

You will keep him in perfect peace, 
Whose mind is stayed on You, 
Because he trusts in You.

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