Friday, May 7, 2021

Even If...

'We give relationships our best efforts because we love the Lord.'

...and that's the crucial element; if/because we love the Lord! 
It/He helps us forgive even when it seems it doesn't change anything.
When we put Love/God first it changes everything!
First and foremost, our focus.
seemed to speak directly to me,
feeling a little/ a lot guilty at my less than loving response
to someone this morning which set the fur flying
(I won't bore you with all the juicy, dirty details)😁
and while we did sincerely apologize
for losing our 'cool', two people in their mid-fifties
are not miraculously changed just because we say
"I should not have said what I did, I'm sorry, (but)" 
But, by the time we reach our mid-fifties
 we also realize how vital reconciliation is!
(I'm sorry without the 'but'!!)

On this blog I try to keep life and love real!
Love is hard, often hidden work, but
vital work, so worth the effort, 
because it affects so many more people
than just ourselves!

So, by God's grace we forgive
and try again...

So, here's to love, even if...

Even if we feel neglected,
Love is patient
kind and gentle
Not angry,
or rude

Even if, when disappointed
by the twists 
and turns
of life
Love protects,
considers others
does not wield
a verbal 
knife (oops!!)

Even if, we feel that our
is justified
Love requires
meek repentance
of self-serving
stubborn pride

Even if it feels lopsided;
 scales of loving's
give and take
Love respects,
lest we,
misguided, think
Self is love's
highest stake 

Even if we lose our tempers/mercy
Love apologizes,
Prays when he/she
pushes our buttons
we learn how to
count to ten
and try, and try
and try again

Janet Martin~

Love never quits

Love never fails
1 Cor.13:8

Speaking of pushing buttons...

If we were push-button machines
we could 'order-up'
and all would be well
in Love of Self's little world...
but, since we are people
for better or worse
feelings and opinions come into play
and our only saving grace is,
'if we love the Lord'
If we don't then long-term 
happy, healthy relationships
are hard! 

...even if for just a bit
we want to sit and
'poor me'
Love makes us strong 
to get up
and serve
with humility

Love is patient, 
love is kind...
1 Cor.13:4


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