Monday, May 17, 2021

Monday Morning Mosaic


For farmers May is planting season
For all of us it is a gift of grace and blossom-glory!

Sometimes, when our feet and hearts hurt
we get distracted by the dirt of life and love
but no matter what, we are in the care of the Giver 
...the blossom but the bloom before the fruit;
The fruit, the fortune of harvest!
Nurtured and nourished, tossed and tested
by many a sunbeam and gale!

Whoever watches the wind will not plant;
    whoever looks at the clouds will not reap.

Laughter leaves us feeling nourished
Longing drains delight
Kind words gladden and encourage
Harsh words crush and bite

Love is patient and forgiving
Others-ward inclined
Not intent on shallow living
With self first in mind

Hope is more than bread for hunger
Hope is for the soul
It is like a steadfast anchor
Where doubt’s billows roll

Failure makes us feel like quitting
Success makes us smile
Though the struggle is faith-gritting
God makes worth earth’s while

Heaven, beyond comprehension
Waits if faith endures
Hell should seize sober attention
Devious are its lures

Life was never a gift granted
To be a joyride
Mortal dust is tried

Worship keeps us meek and thankful
Worry binds and blinds
Pray each day love’s flame will kindle
Heart, soul, strength and mind

Life is laughter, longing, hunger
Gain and loss's pains
Life is never growing younger
As its charter wanes  

God is love; He never leaves us
His Word, firm and true
Is the Light HE IS, to lead us
Till this life is through

© Janet Martin

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