Thursday, May 6, 2021

May's Maestro

Perchance, doth art of May entrance
With undulating hues/views...

Perchance, doth art of May entrance
With undulating hues/views
Doth it stir hearts to sing and dance
As earth its garb renews

Doth Blossom’s dainty decoupage
Rouse hallelujah hymns
Played like an orchestral montage
From bud-bedazzled limbs

Doth May ignite awed happiness
As breathless gaze beholds
The evidence of God’s caress
Where emerald tress unfolds

Doth hope feel like it finds it wings
As verdant vibrato
Spills from earth’s trembling springs and strings
In vibrant crescendo

Doth its melody keen delight
As nature’s opus lauds
In symphonies hidden from sight
Until May’s Maestro nods

© Janet Martin

Song of Solomon 4:16
Awake, O north wind; 
and come, thou south; 
blow upon my garden, 
that the spices thereof may flow out. 
Let my beloved come into his garden,
 and eat his pleasant fruits.

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