Friday, April 10, 2020

I Ask Not For Understanding...Just Faith

While I was writing this I found out about a barn fire in our community, 
I read Today's Daily Bread devotion: below is the first paragraph:
In the Middle Eastern country where they live, Adrian and his family suffer persecution for their faith. Yet, through it all, they demonstrate Christ’s love. Standing in his church courtyard, which was pummeled by bullets when terrorists used it as training ground, he said, “Today is Good Friday. We remember that Jesus suffered for us on the cross.” And suffering, he continued, is something that believers in Jesus there understand. But his family chooses to remain in their homeland: “We’re still here, still standing.”...
I prayed for my mom who this week was tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. She is doing reasonably well (over the worst, we hope) and is in the 3rd week of Quarantine. Please can you remember her in your prayers and pray for dad's protection?! 
I revisited a WOW-some Message I listened to yesterday by Dr. Charles Stanley...

I talked to hubby and daughter Emily on the phone for a while...about life!
...and in all of it found pieces to press into poem.
Praying this Good Friday, that soul-searching turns into worship in spirit and in truth...
 (and for my Russian friend/friends)

I ask not for understanding but for faith to ‘just believe
Taking at God’s Word His promise of the life we will receive
Yes indeed, we will have trouble, but His Name is like a tow’r
Standing firm amidst the rubble; the cross cannot lose its pow’r

I ask not for understanding but for faith to ‘just obey
To take up the cross of service and to follow all the way
If the gain of this world’s treasure claims the price-tag of the soul

I ask not for understanding but for faith to ‘just endure
Time is like a little teardrop on the cheek of Evermore
Where salvation grants Hope’s Wings that help us soar above earth’s loss
As we bow in humble worship in the shadow of the cross

© Janet Martin

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