Sunday, April 5, 2020

Thus, Today

Song for Today...

Tomorrow’s sorrows none can bear on shoulders of today
It robs us of the strength to bear what soon will pass away
The mind directs our feet and hands to do the best we can
‘To fear God and keep His commands is the duty of man’
Thus today holds more than enough to keep us occupied
Before the shadow of its glove dissolves on eventide

Yesterday is too far away to ever touch again
All that once was, was once today’s blip of pleasure and pain
Thus who dares squander wonder’s This with worry or regret
 Longing for what no longer is or roads not taken yet
Thus today grants us just enough to fit us for the task
Before its gift of work-play-love-pray falls prey to the past

Today is all we ever have to climb time’s sacred flight
Suspended between worlds engraved and starry, starry night
A step-by-step endurance race while tick by tock unwinds
A breath-by-breath intricate lace of grace moment-designed
Thus today is the perfect size to fit into a prayer
Before twilight gathers good-byes to fade into thin air

© Janet Martin

 Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: 
Fear God, and keep his commandments:
 for this is the whole duty of man.

Heaven; death, pain, fear and sickness free!
Has this hope not taken on a sweeter realization as we miss
face-to-face fellowship with each other ?!

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