Thursday, April 23, 2020

Interknit Duos...


Dawn sweeps the sands of Time
Beneath the starry deep
where duo of hope-love sublime
Extends God's faithful keep 

God is love and love is God, thus He instills in us His law
Birthing conflict; human-nature struggles because of sin’s flaw
Hope is love and love is hope; heaven's draw-bridge to sands of Time
Hope without God's love is hollow, like a bell without a chime

Joy and grief’s intrinsic marriage groans; love’s tears and laughter pour
While farewell, like a dark carriage parks its hearse outside each door
And we could not bear to suffer the appointments of this world
Without Hope and Love to buffer us against hurt’s shards unfurled

Without love and hope we wallow like a helpless, drowning man
Futile, all the fears we swallow without Faith’s faithful I AM
Hope secures love’s groaning lifeline while the storm with Sailor spars
Nay, God's love secures hope’s lifeline with a hand that bears love’s scars

© Janet Martin

Lyrics for
Jesus, Saviour, Pilot Me

Jesus, Saviour, pilot me
Over life's tempestuous sea;
Unknown waves before me roll,
Hiding rock and treach'rous shoal.
Chart and compass come from Thee.
Jesus, Saviour, pilot me.
As a mother stills her child,
Thou canst hush the ocean wild;
Boist'rous waves obey Thy will
When Thou sayest to them, "Be still!"
Wondrous Sovereign of the sea,
Jesus, Saviour, pilot me.
When at last I near the shore,
And the fearful breakers roar
'Twixt me and the peaceful rest,
Then, while leaning on Thy breast,
May I hear Thee say to me,
"Fear not, I will pilot thee."

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