Monday, April 13, 2020

Of Chapters Closed...

There's no getting away from it: the longer we live the older we get!
 The older that I get the more I appreciate the blessings that never lose their wonder...
like newborn babes

 Baby pictures courtesy of his mommy and photographer, my niece!
Thank-you Brit  😘
(it was SO hard to choose!)

and buds!

The longer that we live the more our hunger is exposed
To ink that spills in wonder but then turns to Chapters Closed
The years that etch their echoes into tears and smiles and such
Once seeming oh so present have grown cold beneath time’s touch
And nothing that we do can draw the carriage of farewell
From whence, but reminds us to live today’s moments full-well

The longer that we live the more we realize this Truth
How short the passage is between wizened warriors and youth
My, my, but moments have a way of turning people old
Crowning the weathered brow with gray that once gleamed smooth and gold
And we begin to cherish more the morn’s momentous splurge  
We’ve learned, it isn’t long before the sea and rivers merge

The longer that we live the more we give a kinder thought
To what once seemed so common-place but we have learned, is not
The silt that we once trampled stirred by younger, lighter feet
The ‘house we built’ remodeled beneath green hope still dream-sweet
And we become The Older Folk we never thought we would
And join the ranks of meeker thanks and love misunderstood

The longer that we live the less we stress about what waits
Because we sense Time’s Server hov'ring to collect our plates
And so we linger longer over morsels that seem plain
A little more aware that they will not be served again
Where the secret to happiness has taught us to forgive
And make the most of what gets less the longer that we live

...where eventide gathers the lusty echoes life composed
And tenders them to dusty volumes filled with Chapters Closed

© Janet Martin

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