Monday, April 13, 2020

Heart-art...(and Headboards)

 One day last week Matt came home from his boss's house (where he was working)
 with a two-seater leather reclining couch with one recliner that no longer un-reclines!
Suffice it to say he was far more excited than Mother,
but with enough noise to wake up all of the village we live on the out-skirts of
(because we were stuck in the front doorway and it was pouring!!!)
we got it through the doors and upstairs!
I was sure it would NOT fit into his already too full room
and he was delight-fully-determined to prove Mother wrong.

In the process (yes, he got it to fit and thinks all the furniture on one wall
 minus a headboard for the bed looks just fine!)
He grinned bigger than I've seen him smile in ages.
 So who am I to interfere with such happiness, right?! 😉

ALL this to say, now I have a headboard sitting in the garage 
which has suddenly made cleaning up the garage a priority. 
And, now I'm grinning! 
I have an idea what to do with the headboard.
(I won't say 'stay tuned' because I've done that before
then life comes along and I need to re-prioritize 
and nothing more comes of the 'tune that didn't stay')
Life is always full of priorities being juggled and balanced, isn't it?!

Priorities, they push and pull
An invisible tug-of-war
As common spars with beautiful
The trouble between much and more

Priorities, they ebb and surge
And wash the shorelines of the heart
With such a blessing-giddy splurge
We hardly know where we should start

Priorities, an awesome charge
Of mind and body, heart and soul
Because this little skin-bone barge
Is instilled with a sacred toll

Priorities, they change and shift
With the unraveling of days
And keeps us humbled by the gift
Of Mercy’s ups-a-daisy ways

Priorities, the ink of choice
Is permanent, so guard its art
Because what dominates gives voice
To the poetry of the heart

© Janet Martin

p.s. see what became of the headboard here!


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