Monday, June 3, 2019

Token of Triumph

 Used this pic years ago here
but I love it and so will share it again.
Says so much in so little!

Difference of opinion
Well, yes, we've had a few
Bumps along the way, hon
We sure have had them too
Words, best left unspoken
(Blush, shame on both you and me)
But Today is Triumph’s token;
Happy Anniversary

Marriage is the proof of
Two, fighting love’s good fight
Not because it’s easy, love
But because it's right
Keeping marriage vows, dear
Is not for faint of heart
But worth each mile-smile-cheer-tear
If we both do our part

Then as the years fly by, hon
The mem’ries we create
Will be the sacred reason
For us to celebrate
For we know the full truth, hon
…what others do not see
Thus revering each milestone;
Happy Anniversary

© Janet Martin


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