Sunday, June 16, 2019

An' I Love You Mom and Dad' Poem

Happy Father's Day
to all our beloved dads!
Thank-you doesn't seem a big enough word to cover all it means!

 I dropped a mother's/father's day card off at my parent's yesterday, because Mother's Day came and went and I never got a card delivered so I added the word 'mother' beside 'father' in the card for Father's Day..and got a birthday card a week late from them and it was totally fine; on both ends no hard feelings for late greetings because love understands how life can go
Below is the poem I put in their card.

I Love You, Mom and Dad

Today is just another day, in some ways, I suppose
Yet, grants a chance to say the words we don’t speak near enough
Sometimes the things we think that our loved one already knows
Sounds nice to be repeated for the simple sake of love

I think it bears repeating after all the prayers you’ve prayed
To let you know, dear mom and dad, that I pray for you too
I thank God for the solid foundation your faith has laid
And ask Him to sustain you in all that life/God asks of you

The love of godly parents is a precious, priceless gift
And though today is just another day in many ways
It grants a chance to say the words that give the heart a lift
I love you both and ask the Lord to bless you all your days

© Janet Martin

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