Wednesday, June 19, 2019

It's Here; Warmth-Weather!

Because finally there isn't a hint of Shiver in the Giver's kindness,
I'm doing an imaginary cartwheel and somersault thankfulness-flip
(and I landed on my feet with my hands in the air!😊)

 After a both-feet-on-the-ground-while-flying, after a no-coat-needed morning-stroll 
this is a poem-commemoration in honor of this long-longed-for luxury!

No need now for optimism’s
Prisms primed with stars
Earth has shrugged off pessimism’s
Leaden prison bars

Raise a toast to honeyed sunshine
Grab a green-grass seat
Laugh with lupine and columbine
Dance with shoeless feet

Twirl like school-girls full of giggle
Leave your cares behind
Plan a little bit of wiggle-
Room in Daily Grind

Revel where blue-beveled heaven
Hoists a parasol
Where a team of golden geldings
Takes us to the ball

...making we of work-clothes fashion
Feel like royalty
As June offers, without ration
Summer’s finery

Perch on window-seats where wonder's
Vintage elixir 
Pours through doors as earth's floor thunders
With bloom's sumptuous blur

© Janet Martin

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