Monday, June 3, 2019

Love Makes The Difference

Celebrating 31 years of marriage today!
The weather on our wedding day was also cool like today 
but then came the scorching summer-drought of '88!
this photo was taken last September on our 'second honeymoon'

Today, clad in the mad rush of love's what-yet-waits-to-be
Draws us to Time-tried tarmac like a tug-boat to the sea
Life’s little repetitions, casting Past’s vast influence
Would drain us of ambitions, but love makes the difference

For without love, man’s toil would be a hard-fought happiness
And Woman would be (without love) unpaid maid and mistress
And marriage without love, what bondage then, the ties that bind
But love makes all the difference; love, long-suffering and kind

The Greatest of These, Love, is unlike all else that man bears
Love that begins with blush and kiss must bear the brunt of cares
It puts int’rests of others first, it does not rule or boss
(God gave us love’s example; His son on Calvary’s cross)

Then, by the grace of He who gave His best Deliverance
We give our best, lest we forget; love makes the difference
And though we do not know what waits; love lives to tell the tale
For this we know, through love's Creator, love will never fail

Then, while we weather Time together, surprised by love’s joy
Where ripples reach far, far beyond the moments we employ
Let’s live love’s ‘have and hold until death parts’ with reverence
Humbly aware in all we bear, love makes the difference

© Janet Martin

and a favourite love song
The Rose

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