Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Because Not Everything That Glitters Is Gold

Desire without knowledge is not good—
 how much more will hasty feet miss the way!

I got this cute little box filled with sweets from a friend for my birthday...I agree, 
Life is a beautiful 'ride' but certainly not without hills, spills, bumps and bruises!
...and oh, those hasty leaps that we have a long time after to recover/learn from😐
Where would we be without a patient and merciful Father?!

Desire without knowledge is disaster’s recipe
This life is like a college, for students of vast degree
To leap without first looking is a sad way to crash-land
We should learn how to study with a shovel in our hand

The broken road we traverse is stream-lined with white-flagged graves
The surface of the Present does not showcase battles braved
Or how surrender, after stubborn will tenders its strife
Hoists up a tear-stained trophy, scarred with Want’s hard knocks of life

The fortune of our follies, love, can cause us to despair
But Mercy is a patient Father; none else can compare
And though the leap we took without first looking yields its fruit
God helps us (if we trust) to work it out for our good

….where we learn, after leaping that reaping is bittersweet
And anything worth keeping is not found on Easy Street
That the harvest of haste does not taste at all like we planned
…the sparkles of Desire like a big, mouthful of sand

© Janet Martin

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