Saturday, June 1, 2019

Let's Sit A Bit...

 Happy June!!

Come, let’s just sit a bit my dear, and watch the garden grow
For soon its bloom will disappear beneath a sheath of snow
Come, let’s recline and watch the vine climb sunshine’s golden gate
In tints of mint and lime, let’s watch spring’s Paean celebrate

Come, let’s just sit a bit and leave those to-do lists alone
For even now Time’s grit and grin carves Beauty to the bone
And soon high noon of June wears hints of first green’s lullaby
The flower of the hour fades, June traded for July

Come, let’s just sit a bit and sip the wine of pure sunshine
Let’s let the lilt of leaf-song stir in us rapture divine
For from the barren limb the bud bursts into hymns of praise
And thrills our hearts with wonder at the art that fills man’s gaze

Come, let’s just sit a bit, my friend, for Time began its toll
In a garden, where we still feel God nearer to the soul
...and here In The Beginning of another year of bloom
The garden feels a little like Heaven’s grand waiting room

So, let’s just sit a bit and revel in the rush of Time
Let’s watch the world as it unfurls in swirls of mint and lime
Come, let’s recline and watch the vine before its brittle stem
Is all that remains of spring-summer’s unchained diadem

© Janet Martin


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Carrie, and thank-you so much! we are finally enjoying some lush green backdrops and I needed to enjoy it in a poem!

  2. Swirls of mint and lime. Love it. I too love the many variations of green in the spring. Amazing that you seem to write a poem a day!! So much beauty and insight to share. :)

    1. Hi Elaine, and welcome to this porch!
      Thank-you for your visit and kind words. I never dreamed that this blog would turn into a sort of documenting thoughts and life through poetry but for this season, it has! Praising the Giver with the gift is my goal...and bringing a whisper of Him to the reader's heart and soul!


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