Wednesday, June 12, 2019

A June Jingle...

 When I needed help with a word, idea or line 
I just walked outside and let June have her say...

Weaves frothed stars of wind-strummed lilac into fragrant lullaby
Leaves ladders of love and longing propped against cerulean sky
Wakes the whisper in the willow; paints the world with poetry  
Breaks the bud that floods the woodland with leaf-minstrel’s melody

Teases tassels tossed against the fence where twilight shadows sigh
Eases nature’s adolescence toward bold bloom of July
Ladles from celestial caldrons, sweet-as-honey sunny noon
Cradles candy-tuft and cosmos in its pockets; darling June

Steeps the earth in mirth of blossom, scatters petal-tatters wild
Keeps the heart of seasoned lovers in tune with their inner child
Stirs the song that long lay dormant as the seed in snowy nook
Blurs the chuckle of the orchard with the chortle of the brook

Lures the bee back to the bell-shaped bistro brimming with sweet tea
Cures the blues of middle winter with the pinks of peony
Fixes fickle maladies with elixir of fresh-mown hay
Tickles noses with the dust we kick up as we shout hooray

Tips the palette of an Artist that all others imitate
Slips lobelia-lupine-loosestrife through the grass-embellished gate
Rouses reds, yellows and purples to enhance the common dune
Bows our heads in humble worship to the God who grants us June

© Janet Martin

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