Thursday, August 26, 2010

Where Has Summer Gone?

It echoes in the bustling street
It sighs on every tongue
It creaks within the rusty gate
And in the weathered bone
It shouts out from the painted hill
And whispers in the dawn
It shivers in the evening chill
Oh, where has summer gone?

It lingers in the morning mist
And in the noonday breeze
To beaming apples summer-kissed
On heavy-laden trees
It loiters in the wooded dell
With moody under-tone
And still we ask, though we know well
Oh, where has summer gone?

Where is the hour for which we yearn?
The day for which we sigh
It drifts away ne’er to return
Into the clear blue sky
Where is the child of yesterday?
That danced upon the lawn
She grew up and flew away
Oh, where has summer gone?

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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