Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I remember when I hugged you at your grade eight prom
My dear, I loved you like a second mom
Now the years have come between us and I want to cry
Too much mascara cannot hide the hunger in your eye….

Your leopard print mini skirt your stiletto heels
Can’t make me forget August picnics in the field
Picking wild flowers, chasing butterflies
I still see the little girl behind the black mascara eyes….

We all make mistakes, oh; I know I’ve made mine
But after the rain the sun always shines
I know you’re not a little girl anymore
And I’d like to dry the black mascara teardrops on the floor

We could go for a picnic like we did way back then
Some things are not so different as they were when you were ten
We could pick wild flowers, gaze up at the August sky
….too much mascara cannot hide the hunger in your eyes

Janet Martin
All Rights Reserved

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