Friday, August 27, 2010


I see the twilight spilling
Out across the summer fields tonight
A cradle warm and willing
Holding on to softly fading light
I hear the music falling
Heaven’s mandolin in golden tones
And I hear Autumn calling
In dusty pink upon the cobblestones

Seems I’ve quickly reached the hour
Where I’m more than satisfied
Just to watch the sleepy flower
In the glowing even-tide
Seems I’ve found fulfillment
With a wee girl at my knee
Drinking in the stillness
Of a twilight melody

I hear the truth in tender whispers
Everything Time gives it will retrieve
Ah, Time is but a flicker and a vapor
A little summer and a little winter’s eve
I see the twilight creeping
Out across the summer fields tonight
But there’s no use in weeping
As another day slips out of sight….

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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