Monday, August 30, 2010


I held the future today
He looked at me in the most curious way
Innocent wonder and wide-eyed delight
Restless, mischievous, with no hate or spite
Waiting to absorb what we do and say
Oh, I held the future today…….

For just a little while
The future is ours in the heart of a child
Moments to guide, to mold and to teach
Before they leave our side; out of reach
But worth every tear, every sigh and each smile
The future is ours for a little while….

I hold the future today
The sweet, precious minutes slip softly away
The heart of this child will soon be a man
What are the values on which he will stand?
God, teach me to teach him the one true Way
As I hold the future today

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Children are our FUTURE!!!!!

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