Monday, August 30, 2010

Someone Loves You.....

Brush the journey from your brow
The sorrow from your eye
There’s a new day waiting now
A dance for you and I
Shake the slumber from your mind
And disappointment too
Look up, look up and you will find
Someone loves you

Sentimental echoes tune
The pages of the past
But there is blue beyond the moon
And night approaching fast
The canvas of unwritten song
Glimmers in the dew
Look up; look up, the day is young
And Someone love you

Night breathes in the thread of dawn
Hatred vies with love
Past and present soon are one
And so the forces move
A soulful melody awaits
A sigh of ethereal blue
Look up look up to heavens gates
For Someone loves you

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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