Thursday, August 26, 2010


He’s working two jobs
He won’t be home tonight
Things are a little rough
And the money’s tight
She tucks in the children
Listens to their prayers
Says an extra one
For every dad out there
Who longs to be at home
But life had other plans
And the bills just keep on coming
So he does the best he can
Who said love is easy…..

She holds on to his memory
She’s not sure where he is
He just said he was leaving
In search of happiness
He told her he stilled loved her
But the thrill of it was gone
He needed time to think it over
Would she be okay alone?
Well that was in September
Over two long years ago
All she does is remember
For she still loves him so
Who said love is easy…..

He stood with His head bowed
Tears upon his cheek
As hate surged through the crowd
He stood; gentle and meek
Though He pleaded “I am Love”
They cried “Crucify”
Though He wept to God above
He knew He came to die
And as they nailed Him to a cross
He cried out, “God, forgive”
Suffering every means of loss
So that man may live
Who said love is easy…..

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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