Tuesday, August 31, 2010


You shed your sigh upon the path
That I am forced to tread
You turn my eye, with gentle laugh
Toward horizons red
Upon the evenings dusty-blue
I see the shadows grow
As I behold an avenue
Of Augusts’ afterglow

The air is laden with the bloom
Of sensuous memories
Drink the misty night perfume
And summer’s sultry breeze
Celebrate without remorse
Each sun-drenched reverie
For none can sway you from your course
As ageless as the sea

You reach for me, I turn away
This is my hour of sorrow
For as this night turns into day
It will be tomorrow….
And there upon September’s page
My teardrops fall like snow
As I review a silent stage
And Augusts’ afterglow

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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