Monday, August 16, 2010

It Should Be...

It should be a silent night
The wind of the day has died down
The gold walnut leaves drift soundlessly
Decking the lawn with her gown
August night in perfection
Breathes across the hill
Oh, it should be a silent night
For even the river is still

The dust in the field has settled
The farmer in slumber lies
The sheaves of grain stand in tranquil salute
To the Keeper in the skies
The cricket in somber reverence
Ceases her serenade
Oh, it should be a silent night
In a picture heaven-made

But there’s something about August and pale moonlight…..
Makes me wish you were here with me
There's something about this peaceful sight
That stirs a memory
And your laughter breaks the silence
It drifts across the blue
Oh it should be a silent night
And it would be.....if I didn't know you

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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