Thursday, August 12, 2010

August Evening Song.....

The cottage that I call my home is bathed in rose-pink glow
And all around me petals fall like bits of colored snow
The robin and the meadow lark call faintly through the mist
While I can feel the saddened smile of summer softly kissed

To weep would be a foolish thing in such a glorious hour
For I can hear the cricket sing among the fern and flower
The breeze that danced on spring’s plateau has tear-drops in her sigh
And in her kindred breath I know she knows the end is nigh

Across the flaming western stage the navy curtains fall
I see the fluttering of a page; I hear a somber call
But far above God lights the first small star to grace the blue
Symbol of everlasting love and promises come true

Now nature lifts in subdued tones her offering of praise
Drifting to eternal thrones beyond this earth-dimmed maze
A universal symphony of summer’s plaintive song
An August evening melody trembling ‘cross the lawn

The shadow of the willow limb begs me to join her dancing
And in the misty moonlight dim with pale white glow enhancing
The carpet where small bare feet run all through the livelong day
I fall into the pleading arms of midnight’s gentle sway

The cottage that I call my home appears forlorn; morose
Beneath the blue and violet tones as heaven holds her close
But she like I is captured by this warm exotic power
As August with her mystic sigh reveres this solemn hour

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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