Monday, July 12, 2010

Woe-be-gone Man.....

Woman, O, woman what maketh thee tick
I wish I could tell you I don’t care a lick
But the truth, painful truth, when it’s all said and told
Is that keeping thee happy is worth more than gold

It don’t give me pleasure when yer ridin’ yer broom
But I’m mighty good at clearin’ out of the room
‘Cause when Ma’s on the war-path ye jes’ better run
An’ stay out of the house til her stewin’ is done

Yesterdays words brought me smiles and a kiss
I tried ‘em today an’ I don’t know what it is
But I thought you was goin’ to bite off my head
So out through the back door I quickly fled

Woman, O woman if I had what it took
I’d write one of them thar best-seller books
But I’ve lived with ye mor’en twenty year
An’ there’s things I ain’t never gonna figure out, I fear

Woman, O woman, I can’t understand
When God created you from the rib of a man
Why didn’t he take another rib as well
An’ create an’ instruction manual

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Let’s face it girls….
Some days they just can’t win!

It is better to dwell in the wilderness
than with an angry, contentious woman. Prov. 21:19

Woman’s Reply
I will tell you if I can
You poor unlucky, lucky man
But the answer’s hard to find
For woman is known to change her mind!

All rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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