Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Elusive .........

You drift across the sleeping hills
Above the darkened chamber
Of thrush and lark and whip-poor-will
And wheat field rich and amber
You brush your hand across the brow
Of gardens softly sleeping
And slip beneath the green willow
In silent arbors weeping

You deck the lawns where wee feet dance
In laughter’s sunny hour
With your jewels you enhance
The beauty of each flower
As winsomely you trip along
A soundless decorator
Heralding the darkened dawn
Elusive grand creator

I rose before the sun was up
To see if I could find you
But there within the butter-cup
You left your kiss behind you
Alas, you are a phantom queen
Your face I cannot seek
But like the past, you're simply seen
In teardrops on my cheek

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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