Friday, July 9, 2010


Pink cotton candy on a soft blue sea
Heaven sighing in the ever-green tree
Barn-swallows dipping and soaring again
Why must poetry live inside my brain?

I am enslaved as a drunk to his brew
When I sleep in my grave perhaps I’ll be free too
But to lay down my pen is to close my eyes
To the midnight hush and the ruby sunrise

I must need to be deaf and dumb and blind
If poetry shall not plague my mind
I will not resist her taunting plea
For poetry exists inside of me

Why do I feel the need to explain
The chromosome which forms my brain
Alas, alas sweet woe is me
I am addicted to poetry

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin


Okay, so my decision to not write
lasted approx. 12 hrs.!!!
That's pretty good:)

You see I was doing okay
my decision seemed right
by the light of day
I had no urge to write....
but then tonight as the sun went down
and the summer day was wrapped in an evening gown
God flung His best handiwork into the sky
as He seemed to be asking, "Tell Me, why?"

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