Wednesday, July 7, 2010

And I Love You Too

I love little girls with pretty curls
And little boys with eyes of blue
I love flip-flops and hilltops
And I love you too

I love summer rains and daisy chains
I love a moonlit view
I love the sigh of a soft wind’s lullaby
And I love you too

I love one a.m. and heaven’s gem
In crystal drops of dew
I love the yellow rose, new clothes
I love you too

You are the light in my eye, the wish in my sigh
You are my sky so blue
You are my song in the night, my tender delight
And I love you too

You are the chance I took at romance
And I know this is nothing new
I love your glance I love to dance
And I love you too

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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