Monday, July 5, 2010


I could speak to you of the sullen slate sky
Hovering over golden tresses of wheat
Rumbling threats with flashing eye
Lurid, swirling sultry heat….
And I could try to describe the sun going down
A melting pot on the horizon
It were as if heavens most glorious crown
And all of earth’s rainbows were tossed in
And on the western sky-line spreads the
Glowing after-math
Of light and love and laughter
Flowing from a misty summer path….
And if I could I’d tell you
Of our dances in the rain
Freedoms pure sensation; blue
And laughing like we were insane
While inside the neighbors window
There is cast a querying eye
Life’s too short for sanity
When it comes to you and I
And I would describe the faces of
All the blooms that drink the heavens in
As I caress them with my words of love
They are more than petals and limbs
They are somber, drowsy, smiling maidens
Comrades; they laugh as we dance
And there’s something intoxicating
In each approving glance
Oh, there’s much beauty I could tell you of
Perhaps some you have never heard
But why detract from beauty and love
With something as fickle as words

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Inspired by the sky tonight.....
..... and Anna Kerinina

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