Thursday, July 22, 2010


I see it now….
The ebb and flow
Of life and love
And now I know
As I walk past
The youthful tide
This life is but
A short sweet ride
A nameless sorrow
Fills my soul
As I see
The swift years roll
Though I know
I have been blessed
To clasp within
My arms life’s best
I will not cling
To wanton tears
Too little the day
To short the years
Oh how fickle
Is youths distraction
For now I see
A fair attraction
In the murmur
Of the breeze
Blowing o’er
Time’s shifting seas
Mirroring here
And there a glance
Of a brief
And fairer dance
Love cannot
Contain the power
To retain
One precious hour
As it softly
Slips away
To deep graves where
Its comrades lay
I see it now
This river of life
Will ever flow
With joy and strife
With human thirst
And endless dreams
That soon lay buried
In its streams
The fire coursing
Through youths breast
Too soon confronts
Life’s futile quest
For none can carry
‘Cross death’s sea
Any thing
To eternity
I see it now
Life is in vain
There is nothing
Man can attain
But to know
One precious truth
A Living Hope
For old or youth
Life is a chasing
After the wind
A futile course
Of blind leading blind
Until we lift
Our eyes to see
The glorious gift
For you and me
The only hope
Beyond this sod
Eternal life
Through the Son of God

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

It’s raining……….
A soft, comforting summer rain….
But it makes me insanely sentimental.
OR….I have been reading in
Ecclesiastes too much in these last few days!!!

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