Tuesday, July 20, 2010

These Little Hands.....

These little hands I’m holding
Pull me along
As life begins molding
Their thinking patterns
Their smile and song
I gaze at these little hands
Pulling me along….

These little hands
Are bigger, I see
And I often wonder
As I ponder life
What will they to be?
These little hands
That are holding me

These little hands…..
Or they used to be
Are reaching, reaching
Trying to find
The hand of opportunity
As I feel them softly
Slipping away
Away from me

These little hands
Will do the deeds
That make or break them
They will plant the seeds
Of their choosing
I ask God will take them
For His using

These little hands
Will let go of mine
Yet I know
There is One so divine
That will never let go
Of these little hands
That briefly hold mine

And now I see….
I think I am holding them
But they are holding me
And while life is
Molding them
Their little hands
Are molding me

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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