Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm Glad you're Home...

I’m so glad you’re home
The place is not the same when you’re not here
It’s like part of me is missing
I’ve grown quite attached to you, my dear
Why is it when you’re gone I feel so empty
Or like a little piece of sun has gone away
It seems to me like someone’s always leaving
Will we all be home again some day?

The blue above me suddenly is bluer
The sun a little warmer on my back
When you’re gone I feel a silent hunger
When you’re home there’s nothing that I lack
It’s comforting to know you understand me
Without me needing to explain
When you’re gone the house is big and empty
When you’re home love is complete again

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

This summer it seem to me
There’s always someone coming home…….or leaving

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