Friday, July 16, 2010

Fleeting Friend.....

You say, “I must go “
I say, “Won’t you stay?”
But your blue eyes say “no
I am going away”
You say, “Time is wasting”
I say “There’s tomorrow
Why are we hastening
Its troubles to borrow
For it is a hilltop
Beyond our reaching
Today is for love
And the lessons it’s teaching
Tomorrows worries are never-ending
But you are soon over
Yet I am befriending
The elusive lover
The fleeting drifter
But I love you, summer…
….I hear your laughter

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Watching a perfect summer day go laughing by
while marching to duty's command.......
such is life.......I guess I'll pretend
I'm working with my feet in the sand:):)

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