Friday, July 30, 2010

Like We Never Loved At All....

It’s getting dark a little earlier each evening
The camp-fire smoke is lingering in the air
It’s summertime for now but I am grieving
The cooler breezes running through my hair
Still, I revel in the her flickering halo
Creating memories that I can recall
Years from now…..with pangs of muted sorrow
For it’s almost like we never loved at all

The hazy yellow moon softly caresses
The hills beyond the wheat fields amber sea
What is hiding in those rolling tresses?
And why are distant blue hills taunting me
I stare up at the clouds, my silent witness
Suddenly I feel so very small
A single tear-drop breaks the summer quietness
For it’s almost like we never loved at all

The warm breath of July is pure enchantment
Mingled with the sighing walnut tree
Patriarch of my small summer heaven
Whispering in the misty midnight breeze
They say somewhere summer lasts forever
They say New York is lovely in the fall
I say, summer, cry me a river
For it’s almost like we never loved at all

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Who knew????? Sitting with a few
Very wonderful twelve-year old kids
At a summer night camp-fire, feeling abundantly blessed
Could evoke such melancholy inspiration!!!
There is no rhyme or reason to the laws of poetry!!!

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