Thursday, June 20, 2019

Strange But True

As I was reading from Matthew,
Esp. the Sermon on the Mount (ch.5,6&7)
I tried to picture what it must have been like for these people to hear Jesus' words, 
so foreign to the jot and tittle of Law they followed/feared!

How strange, the words they heard Him speak,
When struck, to turn the other cheek
When robbed, give more on top of that
And do not ask to have it back

How strange the words they heard Him say
To love your enemies and pray
To help the poor, but secretly
Not so other people might see

How strange, the words this Teacher said
He called Himself the Living Bread
The one who hates, a murderer
The one who lusts, adulterer

How strange the words where crowds amassed
To hear teachings by law surpassed
Do not seek vengeance, but forgive
And you must lose your life to live

How strange the words they heard Him tell
Broad is the road that leads to Hell
The narrow road, so few will find
To those who persecute, be kind

How true the words they heard Him preach
From miles they came to hear him teach
Of love beyond Law’s ordered ways
Of Temple rebuilt in three days

How strange, the words He said to them
As true today as it was then
But so few seem to care today
For words that never pass away

© Janet Martin

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